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Sakaka Solar PV Plant (50 MW)

CEPCO Renewables proudly collaborated with Mahindra Susten on one of Saudi Arabia's inaugural utility-scale solar projects. We expertly executed the installation of single-axis trackers, solar modules, string inverters, and managed comprehensive trenching and cabling tasks (MV + LV), in addition to ACCB and relay setups, completing a robust 50 MW block.


Sunbullah 40 kWp Solar PV Roof Top

CEPCO Renewables took the helm on an EPC initiative for a pilot 40 kWp rooftop solar installation at Sunbullah's meat processing facility in southern Jeddah, KSA. Pioneering clean energy for progressive industries, we powered a critical segment of the food processing chain with solar excellence.

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PepsiCo 700 kW - Dammam

CEPCO Renewables was at the forefront of advancing green energy at PepsiCo's potato facility in Dammam. Through our EPC expertise, we enhanced their operations, aligning them with a sustainable future powered by solar solutions.


PTE Factory 375 kW Roof top - Jeddah (under construction)

CEPCO Renewables is currently orchestrating the EPC deployment of a 375 kW rooftop solar system at the PTE factory in southern Jeddah. Advancing towards a brighter, sustainable future in manufacturing.

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SADAFCO 1,4 MWp DC roof top solar

CEPCO Renewables led the full EPC spectrum for a 1.4 MWp DC rooftop solar system at SADAFCO's distribution center in southern Jeddah, KSA. Empowering a leading dairy company with sustainable energy solutions, we championed a greener future for their operations.

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GRL Lab 85 kWp Solar PV roof top

CEPCO Renewables spearheaded the EPC endeavors for the GRL solar lab situated in Dhahran's industrial zone. With precision and expertise, we seamlessly installed an 85 kWp rooftop solar PV system, amplifying the lab's sustainability and energy efficiency.


Steel factory 504 kW Car Port - Dammam (under construction)

CEPCO Renewables executed a straightforward EPC project, delivering a 500 kW+ solar carport for a multinational steel manufacturer's head office parking lot in the Eastern Region. Efficiency and sustainability, front and center.

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